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Teaser from “Family Plan”– post by Mary C. Findley

November 14, 2014


Elk Jerky for the Soul

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Our latest fiction work is a collection of short stories titled “Fifty Shades of Faithful.” The following comes from the last story, called “Family Plan.”

“Hi, um … my wife and I want to get some photos taken, but she’s running a little late. Is it okay if I wait for her here?”
“Of course.” Calvin Weeks, the receptionist, swung around his desk and led the young Asian man over to the comfortable waiting area. “You can just sit here and relax, or you can start filling out your information here–” he indicated a touchscreen “– and you can even look at packages and prices by touching this, here. You have great cheekbones, by the way, and Viv will love working with you. I can’t wait to see your wife. I am just nuts about – are you Chinese? What’s your name?”
“Alan Chang,” the young man said with a…

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